Opened in 1936 with the first ever screening of the phenomenal Armenian-Soviet film Pepo, accompanied by Aram Khachaturian’s music, the Moscow Cinema stays one of the fadeless jewels of Armenian film culture. The building, now able to fit almost one thousand spectators, is located at the Charles Aznavour Square. It was erected on a place of former Saint Paul and Peter Church, a monument built in the 6th century and disastrously demolished by then-Soviet authorities. After decades of program curated by political committees, the Moscow Cinema is now in charge of its own agenda, presenting the world’s best films. Throughout the year, various events and festivals are being held at the cinema, including the International Film Festival Golden Apricot. 

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Dalan Art Gallery displays an esteemed collection of art, representing the Post-Soviet and Independence period. Apart from it’s carefully selected permanent collection, it is well-known for hosting contemporary art exhibitions, featuring various visual styles, new media and technologies, and representing the latest currents of Armenian creative expression. Located in the center of Yerevan and accompanied by a café with beautiful terrace and an art and souvenir shop allowing the visitors to take a piece of beauty to their homes, no wonder that Dalan Art Gallery earned its popularity and a respected place on the cultural map of Armenia.

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One of the outstanding examples of Armenian modernist architecture, the Chamber Music Hall designed by famous architect Stepan Kyurkchyan in 1977, has been praised both for its spacious interior and a flavorful concert program, including the popular organ concerts. No visible boundaries between the stage and the seats bring the musicians and the audience into one uninterrupted space, breaking the familiar sense of separation. Chamber Music Hall is able to take in 300 visitors and it is dedicated to one of the greatest composers of all time, Armenian musicologist and priest Komitas. Chamber Music Hall is not just a concert venue presenting both local and foreign musicians. Traditionally, it has also been hosting various festivals, music-themed events, artist meetings and exhibitions.

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